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Meet our Founder

Michele was laid off from a job that she held with a major furniture company for 6 1/2 years and knew that it was God’s timing… but for what? Over the next three months as she prayed about what she was supposed to be doing, she felt directed to feed the hungry by gleaning from local farms.  She approached her pastor about this and he connected her with the Retired President of the Christian Farmers Association, Clarence Johnson . She spent a few hours with Mr. Johnson and he helped to crystalize the plan for beginning this effort. She went door to door and spoke to farmers about the idea of gleaning the produce that they could not send to market. While many were skeptical, a few gave her a chance. The first year, Michele watched as 30,000 pounds of fresh produce  were collected and distributed to nineteen non-profit organizations that provide emergency food relief to struggling individuals and families. The ministry has continued to grow and expand and is resourcing  an ever increasing number of  non profit organizations who provide food to hungry people.

As this year approaches and the need grows, we are glad to be the hands and feet of the Lord in this vital area of providing fresh produce to those who have need.

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